Raspberry Pi 5 FAQ - 2023-10-30

Where can I learn more about the Raspberry Pi 5?

Please check out the following links for up-to-date information:

Where can I find the official documentation?

The official Pi 5 documentation is available at the following link:


When will it ship?

We expect our first orders to ship shortly.

Many accessories will ship simultaneously, with some accessories expected to ship later (like PoE+ HAT, M.2 HATs).

What OS is Pi5 compatible with?

Raspberry Pi 5 requires the newly released Raspberry Pi OS "Bookworm" at a minimum (News post). The recommended bitness is now 64-bit, but the 32-bit version will work with reduced performance. Download here: Raspberry Pi OS (64-bit)

With time, third-party OS will probably support Pi 5, but it is up to the OS's project team to determine whether Pi 5 will be supported. Please ask those teams if Pi 5 support is planned!

Will my CSI cameras work?

Raspberry Pi 5 uses combined camera (CSI) and display (DSI) connectors smaller than those from previous Raspberry Pis. Camera adapter cables will be available as accessories, and will eventually be included with new cameras from Raspberry Pi. Existing Raspberry Pi cameras, with the camera adapter cables, are compatible.

Will my DSI displays work?

Like cameras, new cables will be required with displays that use the DSI interface. We expect display adapter cables to be available as accessories at some point. The Raspberry Pi displays, with the display adapter cables, are compatible with Pi 5.

Wait, aren't the new CSI and DSI cables the same as CM4IO?

They are the same size and they are compatible. We haven't tested the compatibility of the CM4IO cables with Pi5 ourselves, but the Raspberry Pi team has confirmed they are compatible!

Note that there is a version of the cables for displays and another for cameras! They are NOT interchangeable!

Will my HATs work?

We expect that the majority of HATs will be physically compatible with Pi 5. However, some will require software updates to be compatible with the new Raspberry Pi OS "Bookworm" Pi 5 requires.

Please contact the manufacturer of your HAT with your compatibility questions!

Will my PoE(+) HATs work?

Unfortunately, no. Pi 5 moved the PoE header to a location different from Pi 3B+ and Pi 4, making those HATs incompatible. A new PoE+ HAT for Pi 5 should be available in early 2024 from Raspberry Pi.

Will cases/enclosures for previous Pis work?

Unfortunately, no. Pi 5 moved some connectors, added others, removed one, and now has a power switch. This will require a redesign of enclosures from previous generations to be compatible.

The Official Raspberry Pi 5 enclosure (links: Red/White, Grey/Black available later) should be available in late October and we expect it will ship at the same time as Pi 5.

Third-party enclosures should become available in time.

Do I need a fan/heatsink with Pi 5?

While it isn't mandatory, using a cooling solution is recommended for most uses. Pi 5 consumes up to about 12W under load. This heat can cause it to throttle if not properly managed, slowing it down.

We expect the official Raspberry Pi 5 Active Cooler to be available at the end of October. It combines a heatsink and radial-controlled fan in a single unit that connects to the Pi5 dedicated fan connector.

The Official Raspberry Pi 5 enclosure (links: Red/White, Grey/Black available later), also expected at the end of October, includes a speed-controlled fan too!

Do I need a new USB-C power supply?

Likely yes. While Raspberry Pi 4 15W power supplies are somewhat compatible, Pi 5 uses more power and can use the extra power available with the new Official Raspberry Pi 27W USB-C US power supply (links: White, Black available later).

Using a Pi 4 power supply will bring Pi 5 into a "power compatibility mode" that either reduces performance or limits the power available to accessories.

Should I get the RTC Battery for Pi 5?

While the real-time clock (RTC) keeps time if the Pi 5 is powered (even if OFF), it will lose time if unpowered. If you expect your Pi to lose power frequently, the RTC Battery for Raspberry Pi 5 is the ideal accessory for the built-in timekeeper! It is rechargeable, not a disposable battery!

The BAT, UART and FAN connectors are blocked!

The connectors have little covers that can be discarded. We have a FAQ specific to this issue.

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