Why do we use Raspberry Pi OS 32-bit for troubleshooting?

Why do we ask to test with Raspberry Pi OS 32-bit?

We ask our users to use Raspberry Pi OS 32-bit for troubleshooting as it is officially supported by Raspberry Pi Foundation for the Raspberry Pi and is always compatible with the Raspberry Pi devices, sometimes months before a new device is on the market. It is also the first OS for Pi to have device support and bugs fixed! It has the largest Pi user base and a lot of reported issues already have solutions for them. If something doesn't work in Raspberry Pi OS 32-bit for you but works for our technical team, we're pretty sure the Pi device is the problem, not a bug/compatibility issue with the OS!

Third-party OSes are often derived from Raspberry Pi OS or other OSes and any bug fixed in Raspberry Pi OS must be "ported" (copied) to the third-party OS as patches and other modifications. Third-party OSes are supported by teams independent from the Pi and this often means a delay with compatibility and bug fixes and sometimes a different behaviour/result while troubleshooting. It is harder for us to determine if it is an incompatibility/bug from the OS or a hardware issue as we have much less experience with them. This is why we usually ask our users to interact directly with the third-party OS maintainer for software support as we would only slow things down! 

This is why we ask you to test with Raspberry Pi OS 32-bit! It is officially supported by the Pi team, is well known, has a wide support knowledge base and we are most familiar with it! The easier it is for us, the faster your issue is resolved and the happier everyone is!

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